Stevens Masonry Construction, Inc. was hired to do a total renovation of the exterior of our Wright building in downtown New Castle. The workmanship was outstanding, taking the 100 years old brick façade and giving it new life with galvanized lentils, Tuckpointing and sealing.  

The front of the building required specialized terra-cotta units that were sourced and brought to the job site to give it an official restoration of similar products.

I would like to thank STEVENS for the hard work and dedication to this project.

Patrick Mcguire,

Don Services,
Facilities and Construction Director

Congratulations! Wishing you continued success.

Rich Sacui
Financial Adviser
Registered Representative
New England Securities

Congratulations, I have enjoyed our working relationship and our friend ship over the past 10 years. I wish you many more productive and prosperous years.

Rob Faro
Universal Scaffold

Congratulations, Ed.

Obviously you have done a great job through good times and tough times.

We look forward to being part of a bright future.

Ron Baer

AWESOME! It means we have been around be we lasted! but I think it also means we are getting older…I remember us in high school. BUT Congrats! you guys deserve credit you have done quality work for 25 years

Frank Ross
RCI Company

Congratulations Ed, this is certainly fantastic news!

Hope all is well

Maria Viteri


Congrats on 25 years in business. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing the Builders article with me it’s impressive.

Thanks again.


Steven’s Masonry was just recognized for being in business for 25 years. We look forward to earning Ed’s business and trust!


Christopher J. Vallos
Insurance and Financial Advisor
C.H. Vallos & Associates

Congratulations! Are you grooming the next generation in order to keep the business thriving?

Lawrence County Growth Partnership

Nice write up. Congratulations on the big 25!

Paul Rossi
South Side Precast

Congratulations Ed.

May Almighty God continue to bless your company with the same assurance that you have in being made righteous thru His Son Jesus!

Scott Myers
Midwest Church Construction & Design

Hi Ed. Congratulations on this! Hope all is well on a personal note.

Take care and happy Thanksgiving.

Chad D. Tomosovich, Esquire
Rothman Gordon, PC

Sounds like longnecks to me!!!!!!!!!

Congrats on the 25 years – 


Ed, AWESOME! Keep up the good work.


Congratulations Ed! May you have another 25.

HHSDR Architects / Engineers



Matt Swanick
Bond Manager
Surety Practice Group


Great accomplishment. I know you have worked very hard which makes the accomplishment even more gratifying. God Bless.

Billy Humphrey
Taylor Engineering

Congratulations! It’s been a pleasure working with you and the entire TEAM IMI wishes you continued success. Call us anytime and if you get a minute call me and we can chat.

Richard Filloramo
Director of Market Development & Technical Services
International Masonry Institute

Hi Ed,

Congratulations on this achievement!


R K McCartt, CPA, MBA
R K McCartt & Associates, PC

Hi Eddie,

Nice article. I would add residential to the type of construction projects you do. Then I would mention somewhere in the article that yours is a third generation masonry construction company and the total number of years your family has been in the masonry business. That way people will not look at it as a fly by night business if your family has been doing the same type of business for 60-70 years etc. Many people think a company has to be around 10-15 years before they are legit, especially in commercial work, yours is way past that. You are not just a masonry company that started doing bigger commercial work, you have always been doing it.

First Energy Corp.


Congratulations! Let’s hope for an additional 25 years.


Wow 25 years – awesome – youngster!!!

25 years of pain and suffering lol

Lee Harris

Congratulations Ed.

That is an accomplishment and should be proud of your company’s achievement.

Have a nice weekend and if I don’t see you –
Hope you and your family has Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Yearz

William J. Clair

Congratulations to you and George but better let the public know that it all started with your grandfather over seventy years ago. Starated with the same qualities you and George followed and your dad were part of the beginning. I can remember my dad always was on a much smaller scale but as honest as the day is long.

Trudy Toscano

Good Afternoon Ed,

As a member of another local building association, I�d like to extend to you a hearty congratulations on your recent appointment as President of The Builders Association for 2013.

The Business Journal ran a nice article, highlighting your accomplishments for this year, along with some anticipated projects for 2013. This kind of publicity helps to support how working together benefits everyone involved.

Our company recently joined HBA of the Mahoning Valley, and are currently redesigning their website to include revenue generating features for them. Additionally, we have worked out an agreement, where members will have an option to commission our professional web design services at a discounted rate, should they need a new website created, or their current one redesigned.

Ed, if you feel an arrangement like this could enhance the benefits you currently offer your membership, or that providing this feature could attract potential members, then I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss this possibility with you, in greater detail.

Again, congratulations on your recent assignment, and I wish you all the best for a successful 2013.

Rose DoCampo
Account Executive

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